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Lilongwe Wildlife Trust
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Lilongwe Wildlife Trust

Set in a forest reserve in the heart of the capital city, the award winning Wildlife Centre - a project of the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust - is open to both volunteers and day visitors. It is Malawi's only wildlife sanctuary, caring for over 200 animals rescued mostly from the illegal pet and bushmeat trades, and is widely regarded in welfare circles as one of Africa's best run facilities.

Day visitors can take a 1 hour guided tour of the sanctuary, spotting the animals and learning about the charity's work, or walk the 4km of nature trails winding along the river through the reserve which is home to antelopes, crocodiles and over 150 species of bird. There's also a bar, restaurant, playground and gift shop. Large groups (8+) can pre-book a conservation session with the education team too.

Volunteers can join the programme form 2 to 12 weeks, with tailored experiences that focus purely on animal care or incorporate time spent on LWT's other projects around the country such as education, community outreach, conservation medicine and behavioural research. Whilst those looking to put their existing skills to use are very welcome, no experience is necessary as full training is provided.


You can learn more about Lilongwe Wildlife Trust on their website: www.lilongwewildlife.org

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