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Kim's Breaks - Blue Zebra Island Lodge
Posted on: Thursday, June 19, 2014 Blog Category: 'Personal Experience '

Kim Brake is the managing director or Ulendo Safaris, one of Malawi's leading tour operators. As part of her job, checking out lodges, activities, and tourism attracts, happens often, and Kim has decided to share this in the form of a blog!

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Chelinda Camp - May 2014
Posted on: Thursday, June 05, 2014 Blog Category: 'Uncategorized'

Lauren Slater is the manager of Chelinda Lodge, nestled deep within the Nyika National Park in north Malawi. in This blog she talks of this beautiful time of year, and the changes to the landscape, scenery and wildlife.

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The Root to Fruit project, Chintheche Inn, Lake Malawi
Posted on: Tuesday, June 03, 2014 Blog Category: 'Responsible Travel'

Mike and Marian Myers are living the bush-lovers dream! This blog covers their experience working with Wilderness Safaris' Root to Fruit Project, based from Chintheche Inn on Lake Malawi. Pictures by Mike Myers.

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