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A Majete experience by Robin Pope Safaris
Posted on: Tuesday, February 13, 2018
Blog Category: 'Wildlife & Reserves'

Majete Wildlife Reserve is nestled in the south-western part of Malawi with an unlikely story of resurgence and restoration. Just 13 years ago, this reserve was practically an empty forest devoid of most wildlife apart from a few remaining antelope. But in 2003, African Parks entered into a 25-year agreement to restore Majete to its former glory, and today the park is now a fully transformed Big-5 reserve. With more than 2500 animals reintroduced including black rhino, elephant, lion, leopard, sable antelope, impala and buffalo, the Majete population keeps growing with many animals successfully breeding. The elephant population alone grew to over 430 since 2006 allowing to translocate 200 to Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve under the #500Elephants initiative.

Now a dedicated tourist attraction, Majete offers fantastic wildlife viewing as shown in this recent short account by Robin Pope Safaris:

During a lovely mornings drive, we were treated to rhino tracks and scat. After Erik showed us how to identify rhino dung (lots of twigs bitten off at an angle) we set off again.

Not long after that lesson a mother and calf were spotted! They stood still for a few seconds, then came hurtling across the road to thicker vegetation. A fleeting glimpse, but an epic sighting! Later that afternoon on another drive, we were ambling along the riverside, when Erik our guide stopped and told us to listen. There it was, the roaring of a lion; which sounded very close by!  We started driving inland towards the sound, in hopes we would get to see the lion behind all this excitement. Between Erik and Ado (AP scout), they managed to spot Sapitwa in a small clearing amongst the thickets. He sat and snarled at us a few times... but was very relaxed overall, taking turns between sitting up and scanning around, and just laying down as male lions do.

Robin Pope Safaris have recently started 60 second safari diaries every Monday on their YouTube channel which you can find out more here.

Here are some of the pictures taken during the account above by Shannon Naidoo:


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