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It's Monday and hello from us here at Mkulumadzi
Posted on: Monday, March 14, 2016
Blog Category: 'Malawi General'

After a short break, Robin Pope Safaris' Mkulumadzi Lodge in Malawi's Majete Wildlife Reserve has re-opened. Managers Heath and Bridget are already reporting some thrilling close encounters with some of the the reserve's Big 5, including news of another lion cub!

The lodge is open again after a few weeks of closure, with a new deck and various other maintenance jobs being carried out, it's looking really fresh with the smell of new timber in the mornings.

We have some great news this week, we have had some much needed rain as its been very hot and humid.  An update on our lioness Shire - before we told you we had confirmation of one cub but she has been seen again with two cubs and here are the photos to prove it.

The fantastic golden orb spiders are out and about too, such amazingly strong and beautiful webs which are also the cause of much frustration and laughter on game drives and walks.

One of the greatest things about living in the bush are the animals that we encounter.  Here is a big bull elephant who decided to visit us at our house (just outside our front door).  How amazing it was to stand on the patio and watch this bull delicately strip each steam off this small tree and chew only the bark off as this is where he knows he can get the most nutrients.  Some people may have thought this as destructive but in actual fact this huge elephant did not destroy the entire tree instead leaving one thin branch still standing as if knowing it would grow back and he could return for another yummy treat.

Along with all the lion cub excitement we also had two guests who had an extraordinary 40 minute experience with a stunning male leopard whilst on game drive.  He walked beside the vehicle and even stopped to quench his thirst in a small puddle.  We were all amazed at this sighting and we hope that this is a sign of the great things to come for Majete Reserve.

This is all from us now, have a great week! – Robin Pope Safaris

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