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The most memorable Safari
Posted on: Thursday, July 04, 2013
Blog Category: 'Wildlife & Reserves'

The most memorable Safari, by Abby Gibbons of Malawian Style

5 minutes into our river cruise we could not believe our luck when we saw a baby hippo, McCLoud- our incredible guide for the weekend, told us it must have been less than two weeks old…cute!

This was just the beginning of what was an incredible evening. In the distance we saw 25 plus elephants playing in the water.  Just 25 ft away we stopped and watched them play and squabble until the biggest elephant I have ever seen came to end the party! This Daddy elephant made the most incredible, deep rumbling sound which made all the elephants, all except two, leave the water and join him. The two, troublesome elephants remaining in the water were having far too much fun and put up a good fight before joining the rest of the heard. It turns out, Daddy elephant was orchestrating a mass crossing to the other side of the river. Watching them cross, supporting each other with their trunks high in the air was breathtaking…a scene that seemed to be straight out of the juggle book and one, that I am certain I shall never forget!
To join us on our next adventure contact Abby at Marketing@malawianstyle.com or call our office on 0111746449.

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