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Private Island Escape in Malawi
Posted on: Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Blog Category: 'Luxury in Malawi'

Octavia Bolitho : www.cazloyd.com

After a luxury safari in Malawi there is nothing better than escaping to the coast for complete relaxation for which Kaya Mawa is ideal. The adventure starts in Lilongwe from which Likoma Island is a light aircraft flight away, over the beautiful Lake Malawi. Likoma Island feels completely undiscovered, raw Africa at its best. Under strict instructions to do as little as we wished, I spent the afternoon on my private island, snorkelling around my room and kayaking over to the main area. The water was crystal clear and filled with an array of fish and all in fresh water.

One of the main highlights of my stay however was the trip to the St Peter’s cathedral on the slopes of Likoma Island. This was built by missionaries inspired by David Livingstone and completed in 1911. It is arguably the biggest, oldest and, I think, the most beautiful cathedral in Central Africa.

We headed out early to explore the Island and the cathedral was the final stop on our journey. We were guided around by an incredibly charismatic Malawian keen to show us every inch of the enormous building. Having already been warned this tour could take several hours we quickly set about discovering the nooks and crannies for ourselves.

The atmosphere was wonderful and all the while we had a background of singing voices, a choir of at least 40 or so we thought. We finally tracked them down to one of outer rooms and knocked shyly on the door during a break in their singing. The sight we were met with shocked us, as despite the cacophony of noise inside was a group of only five men and women. We tiptoed in and they continued their choir practice each person adding a different element to the songs. One man particularly had the most incredible and soulful voice that would have put any ‘x-factor’ singer to shame with a constant and beaming smile on his face throughout. It was an incredible moving experience which brought tears to the eyes of many of our group.

Although the crystal clear water, golden sand and range of watersports were all I hoped they would be at Kaya Mawa, this was an experience that we did not expect. A memory that will remain with us all forever, with one of our group even planning her wedding there

Blog provided by Octavia Bolitho : www.cazloyd.com

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