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Likoma Island
Region: North Malawi
Attraction Type: Cultural / People, Lake


Likoma Island

Off the eastern shore of the Lake is Likoma Island: a little piece of Malawian territory in Mozambican waters. Its history – the setting up here of the headquarters of the University Mission to Central Africa (Livingstone’s mission) in the 1880s – caused it to be retained by Malawi when the Lake was divided politically after World War II.

Likoma’s claim to fame is its cathedral (the size of Winchester’s) on which work began in 1903. This vast building has some most interesting features including stained glass and carved soapstone.

The island is otherwise somewhat barren although it has bustling local communities and some lovely beaches. Nearby is another tiny island, Chizumulu, also Malawian territory. Access to Likoma is currently by boat or aircraft. There is an ever increasing number of boats offering transfers between Nkhata Bay and Likoma. For details see here. Accommodation on Likoma is limited but includes the charming mid-market property of Ulisa Bay Lodge. A wonderful barefoot luxury lodge is just across the water on the Mozambique shore of the lake – Nkwichi Lodge at Manda Wilderness

For the best ways to get to Likoma, take a look at this great informative document produced by Ulisa Bay Lodge here.