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Nkwichi Lodge
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Manda Wilderness (Mozambique)
Region: North Malawi
Attraction Type: Lake


Manda Wilderness

A massive 100,000 ha area of Mozambique land which runs to the eastern shore of Lake Malawi forms the Manda Wilderness Community Reserve. This is a genuine unspoilt wilderness -  brachystegia and riverine forest, savannah, swamps and streams, mountains and miles of beaches with crystal clear fresh water. The reserve has been set up and administered with the committment and active involvement of the local communities.

In and effort to encourage the return of big game, the communities have agreed to stop the practice of burning the forest and savannah, tree felling, snaring and hunting with dogs. The ecosystem is already starting to recover. Species found in Niassa Province ionclude buffalo, zebra, elephant, lion, leopard, sable, roan antelope and African wild dog. The birdlife in Manda Wilderness is rich and varied. The crystal clear waters fo Lake Malawi provide spectacular snorkelling and diving, with about 1000 species of brightly coloured tropical fish. Marine animals include two species of otter and occassional crocodiles.

Easiest access to Manda is obtained from Malawi's Likoma Island. Accommodation is provided at the barefoot luxury of Nkwichi Lodge, at one of the most pristine white sand beaches to be found on Lake Malawi. The lodge is another community-based development.