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Monkey Bay
Region: South Malawi
Attraction Type: Lake, Cultural / People


Monkey Bay

On the southern lakeshore is the evocatively named Monkey Bay, but the visitor is more likely to see signs of industry rather than monkeys. Monkey Bay is considered to be one of Malawi's main lake Ports, but does also offer much for tourists visiting or passing through the area. With sandy beaches and tropical fish all around, Monkey Bay provides a good place to go diving, experiencing the marine life of Lake Malawi. Connected by bus to Lilongwe and Blantyre, Monkey Bay is often traveled through on the road to Cape Mclear and if wanting to experience a place not overwhelmed by tourism, Monkey Bay make a good stop.

The Norman Carr Cottage is a unique lodge not far from Monkey Bay, nestled under a canopy of large indigenous trees. With it's own access to the water front the cottage makes for a good stop if wanting to try water skiing, diving and snorkeling.

Whilst Monkey Bay is considered to be a tourist resort, it is a small town with a population little over 15,000, with it's main purpose being as a construction and repair centre for the Lake’s small shipping operation.