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Chongoni Rock Art
Region: Central Malawi
Attraction Type: Landscape / Scenic, Cultural / People


Chongoni Rock art

In the forested granite hills around Dedza is the Chongoni Rock Art Area. Numerous natural shelters house ancient rock paintings which constitute the densest cluster of rock art found in central Africa. They reflect the comparatively scarce tradition of farmer rock art as well as paintings by BaTwa hunter-gatherers who inhabited the area from the late Stone Age. The symbols in the rock art, which are strongly associated with women, still have cultural relevance amongst the Chewa, and the sites are actively associated with ceremonies. The area is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Dedza Pottery Lodge provides nearby accommodation.

For further information about one of the sites, NamZeze, there is an article on the British Museum website as part of their African Rock Art project: click here to read it.