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Kasungu National Park
Region: Central Malawi
Attraction Type: Wildlife


Kasungu National Park

In the west of the Central Region, and bordering Zambia, is Kasungu National Park, an 800 sq mile (2100 sq km) area of natural woodland and bush with occasional stretches of more open grass. Poaching has reduced the number of some species of animals but there is still of wildlife to be seen. Elephants and antelopes are common, as are small herds of buffalo and zebra. Predators include leopards, hyenas, servals and jackals. There is a significant number of hippos in the lake at Lifupa and, as elsewhere in Malawi, the birdwatcher is well catered for.

This is a park which is relatively easy to drive around. There is a lodge at Lifupa as well as good camping nearby. Because of changes in management, the current accommodation situation should be checked before a visit. Access to the park has been greatly improved in recent years and it is relatively easy to reach from Lilongwe (approx. 100 miles/160km).