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Dzalanyama Forest Reserve
Region: Central Malawi
Attraction Type: Landscape / Scenic, Wildlife


Dzalanyama Forest Reserve

This Reserve is approximately 40 km south-west of Lilongwe and incorporate the steep range of hills which bear the same name. Formerly known as the Central Angoni Highlands Game Reserve, the status was changed in the late 1922 and became a forest reserve - to protect Lilongwe’s water resource. The forest is a great place to explore - walking, trekking or mountain biking. Brachystegias [Miombo]are by far the most dominant kinds of trees with 3 dominant species sometimes entirely covering large areas. Other species found are Msuku (Uapaca) and clumps of Nyowe (Eugenia Cordata). At the highest points and fringing the higher streams there are patches of montane evergreen woodland. In 1977 Pine and Eucalyptus trees were introduced. The reserve is currently 989.35 sq. km's with an altitude of 1100m to 1650m ASL.

The forest is an important habitat for ‘Miombo’ birdlife and is a favourite for ornithologists where rare species like the olive-headed weaver, miombo pied barbet, Boulder Chat, White Tailed Flycatcher, Black Eared Seedeater, Stierling’s Woodpecker. The variety of flora is interesting and includes some wonderful ferns and epiphytic orchids. It is possible to stay in the heart of reserve at the Dzalanyama Forest Lodge,, now under the management of Land & Lake Safaris. There are natural pools and streams for a quick and refreshing dip.