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Mua Mission
Region: Central Malawi
Attraction Type: Cultural / People


Mua Mission

Though not strictly at the lake, Mua Mission is found just off the the main lakeshore road, the M5. The mission is famous for the quality of the wood carvings produced (and sold) there. The standards are superb and the prices very reasonable.

This is the site of the KuNgoni Centre of Culture & Art, established in 1976 by a Canadian missionary Fr. Claude Boucher Chisale. Fr. Boucher has dedicated his life to researching, recording and preserving Malawian culture. The Centre has grown from an art co-operative to a vibrant cultuiral centre. It provides insights into the histoiry and culture of Malawi through the Chamare Museum, the Carving Centre and the new Research Centre/Library. The museum describes the Chewa, Ngoni amd Yao cultures, their rites of passage, their interaction with one another and their encounter with Islam and Christianity. It also holds a unique display of Gule Wamkulu masks, texts and images and dances can be arranged.

For more information on Mua, the cultural centre and its activities, go to their website: www.kungoni.org