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The clear, calm, warm, shark-free and tideless waters with an abundant fish population (over 750 species), and fascinating rock formations make Lake Malawi an excellent place to dive. It is widely recognised as one of the best freshwater diving locations in the world. Visibility can reach 30m at the best times of year (August to December).

Diving is available at Mumbo & Domwe Island camps (Cape Maclear) as well as Blue Zebra located on the Maleri Islands within the Lake Malawi National Park area. One to six day courses are available with professional tuition and PADI or NAUI certification. Alternatively, sailing tours can be taken to incorporate day or night dives.

Though equipment is available for hire it is best to bring your own mask, snorkel and flippers. A 3mm wetsuit is recommended for the 22°C - 27°C waters. The lake’s altitude of 474m above sea level will require appropriate adjustment of decompression tables.

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