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Lonely Planet continues love affair with Malawi!

Having already nominated Malawi as a Top Destination for 2014, Lonely Planet has further boosted this accolade with a stunning 12 page feature on the country in the April edition of its Traveller magazine. With a remarkable collection of stunning photographs and a richness of storyline that wonderfully captures the essence of the country and its varied attractions, the result is a fresh and diverse feature that stands out not only as one of the best ever on Malawi, but also a genuine highlight for the magazine.
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Lake of Stars announces host venue and first sponsor

ItÕs been announced that MalawiÕs Lake of Stars will return to Sunbird Nkopola Lodge this September for the 10th edition of the award winning arts event, rated amongst the top festivals in Africa by CNN and Metro. The festival will be held on the weekend 26th - 28th September and will comprise of three performance areas: Village, Beach and Lake.  Music, theatre, poetry, film, comedy, literature and dance will all feature in the line-up with more acts to be announced in the next few weeks. ItÕs also been announced that Proflight Zambia are the festivals first sponsor.
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Exciting year ahead for Tongole Wilderness Lodge!

With refurbishments, new staff, special offers and lots of elephants, 2014 looks set to be a exciting time for Tongole Wilderness Lodge. New Managers Stephen & Donna are settling in really well at Tongole and are continuing the fantastic guest experience offered. The staff at Tongole are presently carrying out refurbishments of the main lodge. In addition to 4 luxurious, thatched riverside suites they are now proud to announce the completion of their new luxury family riverside cottage now available for booking.
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Feast It Forward adopts 'The Malawi Project'

Feast It Forwardª have announced that their film crew will be heading to Malawi to shoot their first ever documentary, produced by Co-Founders Kevin and Rebecca Gouveia and Claudia Sansone to showcase the incredible social transformation taking place in remote villages as a direct result of the positive developmental efforts of California couple, Claudia Sansone and Rob Hampton, DDS. ThereÕs quite a bit of excitement around The Malawi Project as actress Madeline Zima (Californication, #Stuck) will be joining the team alongside actor/filmmaker/writer Jeff Grace (ItÕs a Disaster, Super Zeroes, The Scenesters).
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Simba arrives in MalawiÕs Lilongwe Wildlife Centre!

HeÕs perhaps currently one of the worldÕs most famous lions, and potentially, the most well travelled after a 24 hour flight with Kenya Airways, a major sponsor to the project! Of course weÕre talking about Simba, the lion found living in squalid conditions in a trailer in France.  Rescued by the worldwide organisation Born Free, after a global fund-raising mission that took almost a year, Simba has now arrived at MalawiÕs Lilongwe Wildlife Centre. His new home, an acre of natural forest, gave him his first feeling of grass beneath his feet and warm humid air in his mane. As he was released into this new sanctuary, actress and Born Free founder Virginia McKenna was there to wish him luck.
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An update from MalawiÕs Wilderness Safaris

ItÕs been a busy, yet slightly damp time for Wilderness Safaris, especially in Liwonde National Park where a 4x4 is currently essential (apart from the crossing of the river, where a boat is advisable!). The wet has brought out some of the best of the wildlife, in particular the birds. With a good mixture of migratory and resident species, there's lot to see, including; white backed vultures, great white egrets, giant fish eagles, and a variety of swallows and storks. The team at Wilderness have also been getting up close and personal with a baby rhino. The 21 month old calf was darted, and treated for what was thought to be a snare wound.
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An update from MalawiÕs Blue Zebra Island Lodge

Located in the Central Region of Malawi and just a 2 hour journey from Lilongwe, The Blue Zebra Island Lodge is situated in the Lake Malawi National Park on Nankoma Island, which forms part of the Marelli Island Archipelago, and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. ItÕs this rich natural habitat that makes Blue Zebra Island Lodge such a special place to stay. One of the conditions of the lodgeÕs concession is that it must play an active role in supporting and protecting the surrounding area. During February, 10 demarcation floaters indicating the 100m non fishing area were installed in collaboration with park rangers around Nankoma Island preventing disputes between fishermen and those protecting the park.
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Special guests Ôflying inÕ and Easter preparation at Makokola

The Makokola Retreat was visited in February by some very special guests, flying in for a short stay after their 'plane safari' across Africa! Travelling in a vintage classic airplane, every landing was applauded and commended with cheers and shouts of 'Alles gut!' (the guests were from Germany).


The Retreat also has some very special things planned for Easter - as the joy of chocolate eggs and magical hunts begins.
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Mumbo & Domwe Islands get ready for the new season!

At the beginning of every new season, when the annual rains are over, The Kayak Africa island teams head out to Mumbo & Domwe to begin the annual spring clean. They scour the kitchen from top to toe and go through every tent and bungalow to air and sweep everything until it sparkles. Their local carver and tailor accompany them and get to work polishing all the woodwork and re-covering all cushions on the island. The island teams even pull up fresh sand onto the tiny crescent of beach and the meandering paths. The carpentry team check all structures and replace any rotting beams. It is a time of hard work, but as the sun shines bright in the blue sky, as the rainy season passes and new guests look to the island for their holidays breaks, itÕs well worth the effort!
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Not discovered Malawi yet?

Malawi is a hidden gem. It is the unique combination of Landscape, Wildlife, Lake and, the People which makes this one of AfricaÕs most amazing countries. Safe and friendly, Malawi offers visitors a fascinating variety of sights and experiences. The diversity of landscapes, the huge lake and the national parks and reserves provide the foundation for the unrivalled choice of safaris, water sports and outdoor activities on offer.




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